About Taya

Taya Bayliss is an eleven year old girl with a curious nature and a sharp eye for detail. Her observation skills are better than most adults, including the police force.
She and her family have a home in the city near the university where her father is a research professor.
Every so often "The Bayliss Travelling Circus", (as Mrs Bayliss calls it), has to pack up and move to a different location so that Taya's father can continue his research.
​This does not always go down well with Taya but she can usually find an interesting someone or something in her new environment.
Taya's adventures require her to use her quick wits to unravel clues, find answers and keep herself - and sometimes her friends - out of trouble.
One of Taya's best friends is her neighbour, Christos (Chris) Comino.
He is the youngest child in his family and the only boy. The Comino family owns the fruit shop which is two doors down from where Taya and her parents live. 
Taya and Chris have known each other since kindergarten.
Chris likes sports, football in particular, and enjoys annoying his four sisters.
Full Name:               Taya Jeanne Bayliss  
Birthday:                  28 September
Hair:                          Blonde
Eyes:                          Blue
Favourite Foods:    Hokey Pokey Icecream, Lasagne, Peaches.
Favourite Drinks:   Strawberry milkshakes
Mother's Name:     Julia Bayliss    (Illustrator)
Father's Name:      Steven Bayliss  (Ornithologist)