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Reviewer: Melinda Hills - Readers' Favorite

Taya Bayliss - Dog Sitter, is a lot of fun to read. Taya is a great character who likes to use logic to solve problems. She's resourceful and determined to solve the mystery. Minette, the Golden Doodle, and Chris, her twelve-year-old pal, are her partners in crime-solving, and make an inspired team. The plot is exciting and fast-paced, with plenty of clues for readers and quite a bit of action and adventure. Ms Gore also includes questions at the end of the book that keep the fun going on just a little longer. Highly recommend it. 5 Stars.
An excellent story that is easy to read, Taya Bayliss - Code Breaker by E.J. Gore appeals to young girls and boys interested in mysteries. The characters are ordinary kids with a strong friendship and above average powers of observation and problem solving. Taya has a good relationship with her parents, but the difference between children and adults is realistic and it is exactly Taya’s natural resistance at being told what to do that gets her involved in the mystery. Discover just what Taya’s curiosity gets her into in this exciting, fun to read story.

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Anita Kovacevic - Croatia

This book is about an 11 year-old girl who has moved to a new town with her parents for her father’s work.  She was not asked if she wanted to move and is not happy about being in Bascombe’s Bay.  The town starts to get more interesting for her when she meets an old lady with a story about possible long lost treasure and starts to investigate the story.  But not everyone is happy she is snooping around.
This book definitely held my interest. It was suspenseful and when each chapter ended I found myself really wanting to read more.
I would recommend this book for young readers from ages 8 up to 15 year olds as it is a well-written, easy to read book with a good  storyline.
Both girls and boys will love the story, because Taya and her best friend Chris work together, bouncing off ideas and balancing each other’s crazy ideas, but have complete trust in each other. There is no magic up their sleeves or wands, no superhero powers, no time travelling; only the good old friendship, brains and good team work! I am so glad Taya Bayliss is a series, because I know plenty of girls who would love to read about her, and (why not?) even watch it as a children's TV-series. 
The story teaches children to be inquisitive and careful, to trust their feelings, to overcome their fears, to be loyal to friends and family, and not to give up. And it doesn’t preach at all! I recommend this book to children and educators with all my heart.

Mamta Madhaven: Readers' Favorite

Children will enjoy this mystery and the author manages to keep a good tempo as the story progresses. The main characters, Chris and Taya, are adorable and relatable and the rest of the characters are also memorable along with them.
The author's writing style is descriptive, making the story very visual. There is fluidity in her writing which gives a good pace and movement to the story. It is definitely a story for all those children who love adventure and solving mysteries.